Cheques from Jonathan Backhouse & Co

Photocopy of Darlington branch cheque dated 12 June 1820

Darlington branch cheque dated 18 January 1869.

Photocopy of Darlington cut cancelled 5 note dated 21 November 1890.

List of known Backhouse cheques

Darlington branch cheque dated 28 November 1868.

Darlington branch cheque dated 25 January 1868.

West Hartlepool branch cheque - duty date 29 March 1886.

Photocopy of Durham cut cancelled 5 note dated 14 August 1880.

Photocopy of Stockton-on-Tees cut cancelled 5 note dated 18 November 1895.

Northallerton branch cheque dated 23 April 1900.
(Duty date 4 August 1899) This cheque is printed to look like an overprint, but note the address
of the London office (bottom left) and the vignette of Barclays Bank.

Darlington branch cheque of Barclay and Company Limited, dated 7 June 1911.
(Duty date 12 November 1909). Note the "Backhouses Bank" in the vignette.

Northallerton branch cheque, amended in ink to Bedale branch (although the national
number has not been amended - see top right) Date: 4 February 1941.
(Duty date 10 August 1937). Note the bank name is now Barclays Bank Limited.

Jonathan Backhouse & Co cheque, Darlington branch, from 1848