Cheques from Lloyds

Photocopy of Messrs J L Moilliet & Son (Birmingham) established in 1840
and merged with Lloyds in 1865.


Photocopy of J R Moilliet & Sons cheque from approx 1853


Photocopy of cheque from 1888 of Lloyds Barnetts & Bosanquets Bank Limited of High Street,
Birmingham. Also know as Birmingham Old Bank). Established in 1865, it changed its name
to Lloyds Banking Company Limited in 1869.


Photocopy of cheque from Lloyds Banking Company Limited, High Street, Birmingham with
'Birmingham Old Bank' in the left-hand side vignette. Duty date is 20 July 1880. Printed in light
mauve on cream paper with a mauve security panel.


Photocopy of cheque from Lloyds Bank Limited, New Street, Birmingham 5 with
'Birmingham Old Bank' and the beehive with 1765 in the top left corner. Printed in black
on white paper with an orange security panel.